Relax. Renew. Retreat. A wise choice.

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Ready to Exhale

Come and experience a day or a weekend of spirit lifting retreats and mind nourishing sustenance.

A time to be inspired by music, meditation, art, journaling, conversation, mindfulness, silence, nature, and spirituality. Get a little closer to creating that balance in your life that you have been craving for. Check back with us often for that retreat that will make you fall in love again with those things in life that nurture your soul, replenish your spirit, and create a time of wellness and peace within.

Re•treat´ n.

1. A place to go where you can get away from it all
2. A place affording peace and quiet
3. Period of contemplation by a group

A time that is completely FOR YOU. ABOUT YOU.



Why would you want to go on a retreat for yourself? The best reason is that important word at the end of that question – YOURSELF!



Make some time for yourself and FIND A RETREAT that will help you relax and renew.



SoulCollage® are workshops where you come play and discover your inner world using the art form of collage! LEARN MORE!



Retreats especially created for survivors of sexual assault and incest and their friends/family. Experience fun!, relaxation!, and rejuvenation! while in the company of like-minded souls. LEARN MORE!

About Me

I am over the moon with excitement!!

All of my life, I have strived to help others with certain needs, but mostly to try and inspire others to see how wonderful they are.

I realized that the world turns no matter if I am paying attention to it or not, and that life will just go on without me whether or not I am involved or in bed.

I began to practice self-care. I learned a lot from reading and from others. I made a conscious effort to treat myself the way I would treat even a stranger! Stand up taller, learn to be mindful, notice how the air feels going through me as I exhaled, start to see things from a positive perspective. Learn what makes my heart soar, and fill my life with these!

In essence, I was creating a life worth living! I started to notice every little thing around me that was positive. Everything in life was miraculous! A spider’s web, dew on a blade of grass, the way the wind felt on my face, and the sun! I am in love with the sun!

I see so many people running on close to empty, both women and men. I see that we need to slow down. Practice self-care. This is how we can become better partners, parents and employees.

I am so excited to be doing this work now through Ready To Exhale and SoulCollage®! To provide opportunities so that each of you can love life and yourself just a little more!

I encourage you to sign up for my BLOG, and to check back often to find the PERFECT RETREAT or SOUL COLLAGE® workshop that fits YOU!