Why Retreat?

Relax. Renew. Retreat. A wise choice.
Why Retreat? If you’ve come this far in reading about retreats on this site, then maybe you are still undecided.

WHY would you want to go on a retreat for yourself? The best reason is that important word at the end of that question – YOURSELF! 


Why Go

…Because you are READY!

…Because when you EXHALE you are getting ready to breathe in that sweet new life that surrounds you!

…Because studies show that when you relax and slow down, it has notable positive affects to your health and body.

…Because when do you take the time to just stop and truly relax?

…Because you’ve always wanted to block those gnawing, tugging chores, phone calls, dinner plans, shopping lists, etc… just to write. Or meditate. Or relax. Simply for pure pleasure.

…Because you’ve been longing to get away for a relaxing day or weekend with a friend or partner.

…Because when couples retreat together, they become more connected.

…Because here, you can give yourself permission to: meditate, relax, write, slow down, fall in love again with; nature, writing, or yourself!

…Because you can enjoy a retreat by yourself!

…Because you will meet like-minded people, and possibly new forever friends!

…Because you might learn something NEW!

…Because you will be in lovely surroundings – whether you choose to be oceanside or countryside.

…Because you can finally be SELFISH. This time is for YOU!

…To nourish your soul.

So…Why Not Go?

Why should you NOT go on one of our retreats?

…Because you are a ‘party animal’ and you want to PLAY!

…Because you need a good, intense counseling session.

…Because you want to network for your own business (no soliciting please).

…Because you need to get deep into your psyche for a serious weekend.

…Because you want to write a book *unless specifically noted on individual writing retreats. Otherwise, the writing retreats we offer are strictly for fun and creativity!

…Because you can’t help but be a rebel! (If during a silent retreat you feel an urge to tell your neighbor retreatant a funny joke while everyone else is contemplating in silence)

…If you are looking forward to a day filled with checking your phone for messages, posts, or emails…sipping adult drinks…smoking a pack a day… (well, you can do all of these NEXT weekend!)